Black Walls

Posted 23rd November 2017

A year ago when I asked my painter and decorator to paint one wall in my bedroom black his reaction was “Are you sure?” I guess a lot of people are scared of really dark colours in their home as they believe it will make a room really dark and cold. Surprisingly that is not the case. As long as you have a lot of natural light flowing through the house and your room is not too small, black paint actually makes the interior feel warm and cosy. Also, if you think about it, black is a neutral colour that goes with everything and looks timeless and very classy.

I loved my bedroom wall so much that I wanted to have more of my walls painted that colour. So a few weeks ago I decided to transform my hallway. Straight away it added so much glamour and elegance to the decor. I love the contrast between the door frames and wall art, it kind of brings everything to life.

Black walls are definitely a statement but if you have been thinking of it but have been a little scared I suggest you go for it and I believe you will be pleasantly surprised.