Checked Pencil Skirt

Posted 9th March 2018

Checked clothing is still going strong as one of the leading trends in fashion. For some reason, I have found it hard to get excited about check print until I saw this skirt on Instagram. Straight away I thought how great it will look with my Aspinal of London bag and the purchase was made.  I have always loved pencil skirts as I think they really flatter my shape and create a beautiful silhouette.

This look can be perfect for my girls who work at the office but I also tried this skirt on with a simple jumper and even a grey t-shirt and it still looked fantastic.

Let talk about my sunglasses – I have seen this shape of eyewear all over Instagram and in magazines. Speaking as someone who has bad vision, I need my sunglasses to have prescription lenses fitted so that I can actually see. It’s really quite expensive to have prescription lenses fitted so for that reason I never invest in sunglasses just because they are trendy. Here is where Primark came to my rescue. I went in there the other day and spotted these beauties and guess how much they were? £3!! If that’s not a bargain I don’t know what is.

Wearing this outfit really made me think how powerful clothing can be. What we wear can completely change how we feel, how we walk and how we portray ourselves. Put on a pair of high heels, classic white shirt and a flattering pencil skirt and you immediately will feel more elegant, feminine, sexy and strong.  Maybe it’s an old-fashioned view but I love embracing my femininity and I loved the way this outfit made me look and feel about myself.  You think it’s just a skirt but it can be so much more.



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Boots (Ted Baker, bought few years ago)