Feeling Clueless

Posted 20th March 2018

It might be cold and the weathermen are promising even more snow to come but a few days ago we had a preview of the warmer days to come and that inspired me. We went outside to a beautiful park and you could smell the spring in the air, the sun was shining and the birds were singing so I thought it was a perfect day to wear my new mini skirt from Topshop. Of course, it’s still not summer so I paired it with some tights from Heist Studios and my faux leather jacket from M&S to keep it ‘season-appropriate’. This skirt reminds me so much of the movie Clueless –  I know she wore the yellow suit in the movie but you know me, I love pink. Plus there is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from elsewhere and putting your own twist on it.

Clearly, I have started to fall in love with check print but this outfit is completely different to the pencil skirt I wore from Zara in my previous post. And that brings me again to the subject of the power of clothing. We all feel different on different days and we can express how we feel through what we wear. It was a nice sunny day and I felt excited and girly and the outfit shows it. Being a woman, I play different roles in life and these are all me. Sometimes I feel very sophisticated and classy but some days I want to be cute and flirty and wear everything pink and I am grateful that my clothes help me to express all these different sides of me. I guess what I am trying to say is You don’t have to stick to just one style and look, don’t be afraid to show all the aspects of your beautiful and complex personality. It’s almost like playing dress up and that’s always fun 🙂

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Bag (Primark)

Jacket (Mine is no longer available, similar here)