Lets Talk About Trends

Posted 6th April 2018

By now you will know that I’m not someone who needs to follow the latest trends. I prefer to wear what I like and what makes me feel happy and confident. But if you feel stuck in a fashion rut, looking through the latest trends can be just the inspiration you need. You don’t have to rush to the shops and buy the latest pieces just because they are trendy, you can just see if there is anything that speaks to you, that gives you an idea for a new and fresh outfit. Maybe there is something in your wardrobe that you forgot about but now it’s back in fashion so you can give it a second life. For example, I could never get on board with the bumbag or 70’s fashion as its just not me, however, there are few trends that got me very excited.

Thankfully these days you don’t have to sit front row at the latest fashion show to get the scoop on upcoming trends. Fashion magazines, blogs, and websites have all the information you need. Here are 10 trends for spring/summer 2018, let me know which of them is your favourite:

1.Pastel colours (I love pastel pink)


2. Denim (especially tailored denim)


3. Trench Dressing (think classic trench with a twist)


4. See through stuff (one of the trends I will not be trying out)


5. Bold colour (definitely one for me)


6. Pencil skirts (yay!)


7. Extra texture (feathers and fringes) Good thing I got that pink backpack from Primark;)


8. Sequins (I love anything sparkly so this one is a yes for me)


9. Check


10. Plastick (Perfect thing for English weather but I’m not sure it’s for me)