In The Nude

Posted 27th August 2018

The new season is upon us and with that comes new fashion trends. I have already embraced the animal print trend (as you can see from my previous blog post) and next on the list is the 70’s trend. It comes around almost every autumn and every autumn I stay away from it as it’s just not me. However, this year it is less about flares and fringed jackets and more about 70’s brown/nude palate, and that is something I can definitely get on board with. First of all, I am naturally drawn to more natural shades during autumn and second of all nude tones are timeless and classic. There is something so sensual about wearing a dress the colour of your skin especially if it feels like silk and this dress certainly does. This elegant shirt dress is on trend this season but it is also a timeless piece and that is something worth spending money on;)