The Gloves Are On

Posted 11th September 2018

Well, I always told you this day would come and here we are. I have finally decided to go for it and buy myself a pair of cotton gloves. It all started with a very popular TV show called Mad Men. I only finished watching it two weeks ago (I know, I’m so late to the party) and during the whole show, I was so inspired by the fashion. This show harked back to an era where women’s femininity was at the centre of their being to the point where all of their clothes have epitomized this. It encapsulated the beauty that was lost in the transition over the years and I desire to bring it back. Elegant dresses creating a very feminine silhouette emphasizes all the right areas, pretty gloves, and elegant shoes…

I was always drawn to this Über feminine way of dressing but never fully embraced it due to a desire to fit in. Thankfully with time this slowly started to fade away. Maturity is a wonderful thing in letting go of peer pressure and striving towards a path which is your own.

Joan Holloway (played by Christina Hendricks) was one of the most interesting characters for me. Oozing feminity and sexuality, she was dismissed by a lot of people yet she proved them all wrong by becoming a very successful business women in her own right. She showed everyone that you don’t have to dress a certain way to be taken seriously, you have be yourself and that can actually be an advantage and your weapon.

I guess we can say that this look is a homage to all the Joans of this worlds. To successful women out there, who know what they want and go for it whilst wearing a pair of high heels and a sexy pencil skirt.

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